All our shows are for points and open to day members 🐎
Affiliations, Qualifier dates & Venues will be announced as soon as we have them.
31st MARCH
28th APRIL
12th MAY
2nd JUNE
23th JUNE
1st SEPT
15th September
Clinics & Course hire to be announced


🌻 Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme 🌻
For those that aren’t aware of the scheme, this means that anyone with a disability (this might not always be visible) can come to the cabin and collect a ribbon badge to wear on show day, will need to be returned at the end of the show if Day Members, (Full members who need one will be issued with their own at the time of joining ) this will indicate to our Judges & Stewards that they may need to take a little more time to explain what is needed in order for that person to be able to understand and be able to take part 🌻 All of our committee, judges and stewards will be made aware of the significance of the Sunflower and ribbon. We hope this encourages not only our current competitors but all competitors to come along and have a go without feeling the need to explain themselves or feel anxious about having to explain 🌻