2023 RULES

Lead Rein competitors not to have attained 10th or 6th birthdays on 1st January.
All ages as of 1st January.
First Ridden – Pony under 13.2hh – rider 12 years and under. First season may run alongside lead rein, one season thereafter as a FYFR ridden and a final season as First Ridden, this is to be entered in the spirit it is intended as the committee like to see the progression of our young riders.
Cradle stakes – Pony 13.2hh and under – Rider 13 years and under.
Class 16 – No outside assistance allowed.
**Class 4– an ideal class for confidence building if horse/rider combination wins 3 or more classes throughout the season, you will not be allowed back in next season. **

**Classes 46 & 47 & 30 – These classes are for people who genuinely need assistance. Just standing in the ring is NOT assistance!**
**Lead Rein competitors MUST be on the Lead Rein at ALL TIMES on the showground other than in the Step Up and Cradle stakes & First ridden showing**


1. The committee will not accept any responsibility for any accident or damage to persons or property whilst on Kirkby Riding Club showground, Also anyone crossing the middle road between the showgrounds does so at their own risk.
2 Correct riding dress must be worn by all competitors and anyone mounted on the showground, if jackets are not being worn in hot weather, this will be at the discretion of the Judge.
3. Any person found ill-treating any animal will be barred from future shows.
4. Horses/ponies under 3 years old are only eligible for In Hand classes.
5. The committee reserve the right to measure any animal unless provided with a Life Height Certificate.
6. Stallions to be handled by persons over 16 years old and under strict control at all times.
7. All animals that are known to kick must wear a red ribbon. (It is the rider/handler’s responsibility to keep the animal In an appropriate space)
8. The committee may alter or amend the schedule or classes at any given time.
9. All objections to be lodged with the secretary by a member accompanied by £20 and brought to the Chairperson’s attention within 30 minutes of the event in question.
10. No unauthorised persons allowed in the ring without permission from officials.
11. Members may compete non-competitive at the Judge’s discretion. Entry to be paid in full and competitors may not compete in later classes.
12. All leaders of Lead Rein competitors must have attained their 14th birthday before January 1st 2020
13. All riders must wear up-to-date strapped safety hats unless a disclaimer has been signed, disclaimer for adults only. Strapped hats MUST be worn at ALL TIMES in any Show Jumping or WH class.
14. All dogs to be kept on leads.
15. The judge’s decision is final.
16. No refunds of entries will be made.
17. Competitors MUST attend four shows, have competed as a combination to qualify for trophies.
(Day members DO NOT qualify for trophies)

18. Lead Rein ponies are not to exceed 13.2hh ** Please be aware that relevant affiliations may be 12.2hh if you are wanting to qualify**
19. No spurs or whips in Games and Handy Pony.
20. The committee reserve the right to refuse entry into any class.
21. Visitors with non-competing horses must fill in the visitors’ book and pay first aid of £2. They will be provided with a green band to be worn at all times whilst on the showground. Band to be returned to cabin when leaving the ground.

22. ALL SPECTATORS are to pay 50p first aid upon entry to the show ground.
22. Horses to be in walk unless in a warm-up area or ring.
23. Members will be allocated a season back number, this will also be your membership number. (It should be worn at all shows, loss of number will incur charge to be replaced)